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Over the last forty years, Enigma Interconnect has emerged as a pillar of Western Canada’s manufacturing community. As part of our legacy, we are proud to support the next generation of industry leaders through the annual Enigma Interconnect Bursary at BCIT. The 2015 Bursary will help fund the further education of Brett Moen, a gifted student of Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology. Through his story of hard work and dedication, Brett reminds us that educational endowments are much more than simple donations—they are crucial investments in our collective future.

Take a moment to read Brett’s letter of thanks below.

Dear Donor of the Enigma Interconnect Inc. Bursary:

Thank you very much for the extremely generous award you have given me. This bursary will help me advance my education in the Power option diploma at BCIT.

I have always had a passion and curiosity for technology and understanding how different things work. This is the reason I took a chance and resigned from my previous job as a construction electrician and returned to school. This bursary reminds me that it’s worthwhile to take a risk for what you care about.

When I graduated high school I moved to Invermere, BC to pursue my junior hockey career; at the same time I worked as an electrician and received my Journeyman Certification. During this time, I developed a passion for electricity and desired to learn more. I took a chance when I left Invermere to live in Vancouver and attend BCIT. This chance has been both professionally and personally rewarding: shortly after moving to Vancouver I met my fiancée.

I feel this award represents recognition of the chances I’ve taken, the hard work I put into my education, and it will help me pursue more in the future. This kind of recognition will always be very motivating to students like me.


Bret Moen


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