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Manufacturing Higher Technology Bare PCB’s with X-Ray Drilling & Routing

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Enigma continues to offer our customers the latest technology advances for processing multilayer panels in one step – increasing the accuracy of all boards.  By using the Inspecta S HLP dual-station X-Ray drill machine from Pluritec, we are able to detect and measure reference targets with ultra-fine accuracy ideal for the latest Internet of Things (IoT) design innovations.

The Pluritec system is equipped with a high speed drill head, rout head, x-ray and CCD camera systems. It’s patented “One Step X Ray” means the system can x-ray the pattern, perform the stretch/skew calculations and make the drill and or rout process in one pass without any human intervention leading to the greatest accuracy possible. The system also utilises the CMM package so it can perform complex measurements and records for process statistical control.

The Pluritec unit’s ability to drill down to 0.004″ holes as well as apply surface marks via CCD make this equipment critical for achieving today’s demanding PCB design requirements.


  • Best (and only) way to identify and correct layer displacements in the pressing process.
  • Any minor deviations in the geometry of the circuit board image compared to the geometry of the drill hole coordinates is identified.
  • Identifies the optimum drill reference point for each axis, with an optimal interpolation for all layers on multilayer boards.
  • Enables data collection for identifying and resolving potential process problems.

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