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Enigma Interconnect fabricates printed circuit boards for advanced electronics and RF applications. Selecting from an array of laminate materials, our team uses specialty materials, including: a range of dielectric constants; low dissipation factor; and controlled mechanical properties to deliver RF PCB applications to our customers. Some of Enigma’s specialty materials are specifically priced for low-cost commercial applications.

Due to the different features of every RF PCB application, we have developed partnerships with key material suppliers to deliver:

  • FR-4 180 Tg (RoHS/Multi-layer)
  • FR-4 (1/2oz – 6 oz Cu)
  • FR-4 170Tg (RoHS/Multi-layer)
  • FR-4 140Tg (Double sided)
  • Polyimide
  • Teflon
  • Arlon
  • Rogers
  • Thermal Clad® Insulated Metal Substrate
  • Ventec Insulated Metal Substrate
  • Thermagon M/L - Insulated Metal Substrate.

Other materials are also available based on application and design and can be sourced through our sales associates.

In addition to RF builds, Enigma provides s
elective electrolytic gold plating and electroplating processes for your PCB needs. We have the technology to handle various electroplating types including: 

  • Row type
  • Through hole
  • Roll wheel gearing.

Dedicated to continual improvement, Enigma provides superior quality, shorter lead times and competitive pricing to assist you in quickly bringing your product to market. Our technology and compliance is set to the highest quality standards giving us the reputation as being a leading PCB company. Our strengths are quick turn prototypes with a focus on high mix low volume production work. When combined with our ability to handle hybrid builds and specialty material requirements – we provide you with valued added service.

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