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With the increasing speeds of modern circuitry, the demand for high quality controlled impedance PCB’s is continuing to grow. As this demand for controlled impedance PCB’s has risen, so has the need for board design verification prior to manufacture.

During up-front DFM review at the quoting stage, Enigma’s team scrutinizes customer stacks to ensure their impedance calculations are possible. By working together, we ensure you achieve your desired values.  

We understand that failure to meet a certain size or position with a specified tolerance can cause your PCB to be rejected. If a trace has been defined as an impedance control trace, we can vary trace, width, height and dielectric thickness as long as the final impedance is within tolerance.

Stack-up for impedance control verification is a critical value-added service that comes standard with all Enigma Interconnect PCB quotes.

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Leverage the experience of a knowledgeable team to ensure your PCB’s are designed to the best specifications.

Our loyal customer base understands that Enigma simply provides the best PCB’s at better prices – and we always offer budgetary quoting if it’s required.

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