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A reference Gerber viewer is made available by Ucamco - free of charge!


The main goal of the reference Gerber viewer is to provide an easy way to see the correct interpretation of a file. Ucamco spared no effort to display all valid Gerber files correctly. Diagnostics tools help to analyze it. It tries to engineer the intended image on an invalid file but great care was taken to issue warnings on risky errors, thus helping to detect and correct invalid files. It is positioned as an easy-to-use reference and a complement to the specification. For this reason we called it the Reference Gerber Viewer. It will help to get and keep Gerber files on the straight and narrow path of full compliance with the specification.  It is to the benefit of the whole Gerber user community to all sing from the same hymn book.

Note that this is a Gerber file viewer, not a PCB fabrication data set viewer. It does not do NC or IPC-D-356 files – as these are not Ucamco formats and it is not up to Ucamco to provide a reference viewer for these. 

The Reference Gerber Viewer is kept simple and easy to learn. As a cloud-based web service there is no software to install and maintain – it is always up to date.

It is available at

The Reference Gerber Viewer offers the following benefits:

  • For developers, it provides an easy way to test their Gerber output and to answer questions about the interpretation of the specification.
  • For people who create Gerber output, it provides an easy way to check the image of the file they are about to send.
  • For people who receive Gerber files, it provides an easy way to validate their input and arbitrate in discussions about the valid interpretation of a file. Sharing the link to the reference with the file senders will avoid damaging misunderstandings.


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