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Pinaacle 500AA

Enigma's bare PCB manufacturing is re-investing in key analysis equipment which now includes a new Pinaacle 500 AA Spectrometer for wet lab/dry lab instrumentation. 

"The purchase of this new model spectrometer allows Enigma to continue to provide our customers with the latest technology advances for analyzing precious metal content in PPM of wet process chemistries including copper, nickel, silver and gold," states John Parsons, Enigma's Engineering Manager. 

Enigma Interconnect monitors and incorporates the latest technologies and utilizes it's state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment to meet the evolving needs of its diverse customer base. 

"Continuting to expand our services with the latest technology is part of our commitment to build a better, more cost-effective board," says Doris Meadley, Sales Manager at Enigma Interconnect. "Our benchmark for success continues to be the repeat orders placed by our loyal customer base."

To learn more about the new Pinaacle 500 AA Spectrometer, contact us at (604) 420-3313.


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