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A reference Gerber viewer is made available by Ucamco - free of charge!


The main goal of the reference Gerber viewer is to provide an easy way to see the correct interpretation of a file. Ucamco spared no effort to display all valid Gerber files correctly. Diagnostics tools help to analyze it. It tries to engineer the intended image on an invalid file but great care was taken to issue warnings on risky errors, thus helping to detect and correct invalid files. It is positioned as an easy-to-use reference and a complement to the specification. For this reason we called it the Reference Gerber Viewer. It will help to get and keep Gerber files on the straight and narrow path of full compliance with the specification.  It is to the benefit of the whole Gerber user community to all sing from the same hymn book.

Note that this is a Gerber file viewer, not a PCB fabrication data set viewer. It does not do NC or IPC-D-356 files – as these are not Ucamco formats and it is not up to Ucamco to provide a reference viewer for these. 

The Reference Gerber Viewer is kept simple and easy to learn. As a cloud-based web service there is no software to install and maintain – it is always up to date.

It is available at

The Reference Gerber Viewer offers the following benefits:

  • For developers, it provides an easy way to test their Gerber output and to answer questions about the interpretation of the specification.
  • For people who create Gerber output, it provides an easy way to check the image of the file they are about to send.
  • For people who receive Gerber files, it provides an easy way to validate their input and arbitrate in discussions about the valid interpretation of a file. Sharing the link to the reference with the file senders will avoid damaging misunderstandings.



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When your PCB must work as designed for proof of concept, prototype or mission critical production requirements, you can trust Enigma to build the best PCB with your optimal return on investment in mind. It's why Enigma Interconnect's Non-Recurring Engineering (NRE) costs are some of the lowest in Canada and are now reduced on all layer counts. 

NRE's are the one-time cost to manufacture a new or revised board and often include:

  • Scanning/Digitizing
  • Artwork
  • CAM Programming
  • Test Fixtures
  • Probe Test Set-up
  • Re-Tooling

This set up fee also includes the time, materials and labour involved with plotting artwork, programming every machine and inspection equipment used to manufacture your bare PCB's. 

Enigma's team always ensures that your boards can be manufactured as efficiently as possible. Learn more about our Manufacturing Guidelines and obtain a budgetary quote if it's needed. 

We're here to help you with your next project. Simply call (604) 420-3313 or fill out our online quotation form

BRUSA Analytic Systems Apr2017 Quote2

We're proud to be part of Analytic Systems' news feature in this month's Business Review USA & Canada and Energy Digital magazines which focus on how Analytic Systems has expanded its product range to take advantage of the new digital revolution.

Critical to Analytic Systems' success is the fact that their products are 100% manufactured in North America. The company does everything but manufacture the actual bare printed circuit boards in their standard and custom power conversion products. They rely on their long term partnership with Enigma Interconnect to supply PCBs ensuring Analytic Systems maintains their hallmark for success. 

Read the entire story and learn how Analytic Systems is agile enough to refocus their market reach and capture new commercial opportunities while delivering high levels of quality to their growing customer base. 


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With the increasing speeds of modern circuitry, the demand for high quality controlled impedance PCB’s is continuing to grow. As this demand for controlled impedance PCB’s has risen, so has the need for board design verification prior to manufacture.

During up-front DFM review at the quoting stage, Enigma’s team scrutinizes customer stacks to ensure their impedance calculations are possible. By working together, we ensure you achieve your desired values.  

We understand that failure to meet a certain size or position with a specified tolerance can cause your PCB to be rejected. If a trace has been defined as an impedance control trace, we can vary trace, width, height and dielectric thickness as long as the final impedance is within tolerance.

Stack-up for impedance control verification is a critical value-added service that comes standard with all Enigma Interconnect PCB quotes.

Cost-effective Design is What We Do Best!

Leverage the experience of a knowledgeable team to ensure your PCB’s are designed to the best specifications.

Our loyal customer base understands that Enigma simply provides the best PCB’s at better prices – and we always offer budgetary quoting if it’s required.

We’re here to help you with your next project. Simply call (604) 420-3313 or fill out our online quotation form

Enigma is pleased to announce Rudy Deochand as the new Technical Sales Representative for Eastern Canada. Based in Ottawa, Ontario, Mr. Deochand will oversee customer support and sales initiatives for Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes.

rudyRudy brings over twenty-five years of direct experience in the electronics industry to Enigma’s customers. Educated as an engineer, he was previously employed as a Regional Sales Manager for Dynamic and Proto Circuits. 

Mr. Deochand’s extensive industry expertise and proven ability to manage customer relationships makes him a strong choice in providing the highest level of customer service to Eastern Canada.

We're excited to have Rudy join the Enigma team!



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