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For Immediate Release - New Deep Gold Line Improves Panel Utilization for Hard Gold Applications

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Burnaby, BC, Canada – March 8, 2018 – Enigma Interconnect, Western Canada's largest manufacturer of high quality bare Printed Circuit Boards (PCB's), has installed a new line which offers double sided selective and flash/full body electroplating in hard gold options. This service is offered in-house and is now part of Enigma's quick turn capabilities.

Panel Gold Plating (or Flash Gold) is an electroplated finish, available in both hard and soft gold options. "Enigma is currently offering hard gold which is ideally used for products such as PCMCIA or mini-cards that have both solderable requirements and some plug-in edge fingers," says John Parsons, Enigma's Engineering Manager, "The gold thickness is typically 8 ± 4 micro inches thick." Enigma's Deep Gold Line improves panel utilization for designs incorporating card edge connectors and those with card edge connectors on multiple sides of the PCB.

"Continuing to expand our services with the latest technology is part of our commitment to build a better, more cost-effective board," says Doris Meadley, Sales and Business Development Manager at Enigma. "For over 45 years, our benchmark for success continues to be the new and repeat orders placed by our loyal customer base.  We are grateful to them for continuing to make us their #1 PCB Source."

Deep Gold Line EnigmaA

Lance Lan(Enigma Interconnect's Wet Process Lead Hand) running the line.

Deep Gold Line EnigmaB

David Kuo (Enigma's Production Manager) is in the photo with Sui Sum Leung (Enigma's Lab Lead Hand) on Engima's new Deep Gold Line.




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Enigma Interconnect has held ISO9001 certification since 1992 and was fully certified to the AS9100 Aerospace Standards in 2015 to meet the exceptional needs of organizations such as the Department of Defense, NASA and the Federal Aviation Administration. Attaining AS9100 Revision D is helping enhance Enigma’s ability to meet customer requirements and best manage expectations for avionics customers and those in market sectors who seek exceptional PCB’s with higher quality and technology capabilities.

AS9100 Revision D provides a consistent foundation for business systems of all sizes and complexities along with sector-specific changes in the language regarding product safety, counterfeit parts prevention and configuration management. AS9100 Revision D fully includes the language of ISO9001:2015 which factors in risk-based thinking and how it is applied to operational strategy and management.

“The company’s commitment to maintaining the highest quality standards is critical to achieving manufacturing excellence in North America and driving our growth for over 40 years,” says Doris Meadley, Enigma’s Business Development and Sales Manager.

Enigma Interconnect can demonstrate its certification to AS9100 Revision D and execute risk-based thinking with competency and consistency across the organization as specified by the new quality standard. The framework of AS9100 Revision D offers various opportunities for excellence. “The certification process brings out the best in our organization, processes and people,” says Meadley.

Enigma Interconnect has always been a supplier of bare printed circuit boards to companies serving the aerospace industry. By transitioning to the newest version of the AS9100 standard, the company is further improving its quality management system.


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Enigma Interconnect's expertise in quick turn production and prototyping will ensure you meet your deadline. We offer expedited services as quick as 30 hours. Let us deliver exactly what you need, when you need it by working with our dedicated customer service team.

Enigma's typical production time frames include:

  • 15 day standard domestic production
  • 10, 7, 5, 3 day and 30 hour expedited service
  • Six week offshore services (subject to market fluctuations ... call for current delivery estimates)

For 30 hour service, orders received by 10am PST/PDT can be shipped by 4pm the following business day.

The Enigma Interconnect team is experienced in working with our customers to meet their deadlines without comprising price or quality.

We are here to quickly provide you with a quote, contact:

  • Enigma North America West: Doris Meadley (604) 420-3313 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Enigma North America East: Rudy Deochand (613) 805-9476 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 


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We're excited to meet with you at the following EPTECH 2018 electronics trade shows:

  • Montreal - April 24th
  • Ottawa - April 26th
  • Vancouver - June 5th
  • Waterloo - Oct. 4th

Discover what makes Enigma Interconnect Western Canada's largest manufacturer of high quality bare Printed Circuit Boards (PCB's). 

Mark your calendar and get your free registration to this year's show. 




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Enigma Interconnect (2012) Corp. provides a fast-paced, dynamic work environment to its employees. We are always seeking talented, motivated and responsible people who want to be part of a growing, collaborative team of professionals.

We've just posted positions that are currently available for:

  • Purchasing Administration / AP
  • Lab Technician
  • Production Operator

For details about these jobs, qualifications and how to apply - please click here. 


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