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Manufacturing Higher Technology Bare PCB’s with X-Ray Drilling & Routing

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Enigma continues to offer our customers the latest technology advances for processing multilayer panels in one step – increasing the accuracy of all boards.  By using the Inspecta S HLP dual-station X-Ray drill machine from Pluritec, we are able to detect and measure reference targets with ultra-fine accuracy ideal for the latest Internet of Things (IoT) design innovations.

The Pluritec system is equipped with a high speed drill head, rout head, x-ray and CCD camera systems. It’s patented “One Step X Ray” means the system can x-ray the pattern, perform the stretch/skew calculations and make the drill and or rout process in one pass without any human intervention leading to the greatest accuracy possible. The system also utilises the CMM package so it can perform complex measurements and records for process statistical control.

The Pluritec unit’s ability to drill down to 0.004″ holes as well as apply surface marks via CCD make this equipment critical for achieving today’s demanding PCB design requirements.


  • Best (and only) way to identify and correct layer displacements in the pressing process.
  • Any minor deviations in the geometry of the circuit board image compared to the geometry of the drill hole coordinates is identified.
  • Identifies the optimum drill reference point for each axis, with an optimal interpolation for all layers on multilayer boards.
  • Enables data collection for identifying and resolving potential process problems.

Learn more about Enigma Interconnect's X-Ray Drilling & routing services by contacting us at (604) 420-3313 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Over the last forty years, Enigma Interconnect has emerged as a pillar of Western Canada’s manufacturing community. As part of our legacy, we are proud to support the next generation of industry leaders through the annual Enigma Interconnect Bursary at BCIT. The 2015 Bursary will help fund the further education of Brett Moen, a gifted student of Electrical and Computer Engineering Technology. Through his story of hard work and dedication, Brett reminds us that educational endowments are much more than simple donations—they are crucial investments in our collective future.

Take a moment to read Brett’s letter of thanks below.

Dear Donor of the Enigma Interconnect Inc. Bursary:

Thank you very much for the extremely generous award you have given me. This bursary will help me advance my education in the Power option diploma at BCIT.

I have always had a passion and curiosity for technology and understanding how different things work. This is the reason I took a chance and resigned from my previous job as a construction electrician and returned to school. This bursary reminds me that it’s worthwhile to take a risk for what you care about.

When I graduated high school I moved to Invermere, BC to pursue my junior hockey career; at the same time I worked as an electrician and received my Journeyman Certification. During this time, I developed a passion for electricity and desired to learn more. I took a chance when I left Invermere to live in Vancouver and attend BCIT. This chance has been both professionally and personally rewarding: shortly after moving to Vancouver I met my fiancée.

I feel this award represents recognition of the chances I’ve taken, the hard work I put into my education, and it will help me pursue more in the future. This kind of recognition will always be very motivating to students like me.


Bret Moen


Enigma Interconnect has now installed the MASS VHF 200, the MASS ES 10 External Scavenger, and the MASS SV 100 Planarizer, all aimed at fulfilling the growing customer demand for filled and capped vias (via-in-pad), as well as controlled via plugging.


The three MASS machines work as a system to completely fill through-hole vias with conductive or non-conductive paste, scavenge the excess paste from the panel, and precisely planarize the surface of the panel prior to secondary plating which adds the cap.  Enigma is currently stocking the more popular non-conductive paste option but could switch to the conductive paste if there is a sufficient business case to support it in the future.  


The rapidly advancing capabilities in the manufacturing of printed circuit boards at Enigma are now strengthened further by this investment in the MASS via-filling system. The extremely dense feature spacing and high aspect ratio designs of today are increasingly requiring via-in-pad technology, and this system is capable of aspect ratios well beyond Enigma's current plating capabilities so will be one less thing to worry about as more new capabilities come on line.  By adding the via-filling process in house, Enigma can now offer customers the ability to maintain the quality control of filling vias without the added delay or cost associated with using an outside vendor. Enigma's ownership has clearly committed to invest in the equipment required for the latest technologies and it is imperative that everything be kept in-house in order to maintain the high level of process control and security that customers expect. 


To learn more about the MASS system, download the following data sheets: 

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 As Featured in EP&T Magazine:

 May 28, 2015


Burnaby, British Columbia—Enigma Interconnect is pleased to announce that it is now fully certified to the AS9100 Aerospace Standards. Enigma’s consistent implementation of best business practices in quality assurance, major investments in technology and exceptional customer service have been recognized as reaching the high standards demanded by such organizations as the Department of Defense, NASA, and the Federal Aviation Administration.

Enigma, which has also held an ISO9001 certification since 1992, has always been a major supplier of bare printed circuit boards to companies serving the aerospace industry. When tier-one aircraft manufacturers challenged their avionics providers and key-component supply chain partners to attain the more stringent AS9100 certification, Engima seized the opportunity to institute further improvements to its quality management system.

“Our AS9100 certification comes at a time when many PCB manufacturing companies in North America find themselves at a crossroads”, says Mark Pillon, P.Eng, President of Enigma Interconnect. “While some companies chose to downsize or outsource work off-shore, at Enigma we are proud to strive for manufacturing excellence domestically, and have expanded upon the unique strengths that have driven our company’s growth over the past forty years. Following our AS9100 certification, we are already seeing results not only for our avionics customers, but also for customers in every other market sector who seek exceptional products at competitive pricing through improved yield and automation, better quality assurance, higher technology capabilities, and faster response times.”

Now that Enigma has achieved this major milestone, the company is planning many other new and exciting improvements to meet the changing needs of both its current and future customers.

Enigma Interconnect, a privately held company since 1973, is the largest and most technically advanced manufacturer of bare printed circuit boards in Western Canada, and operates a 35,000 sq.ft. manufacturing facility located in beautiful Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada. For more information, call 604-420-3313, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or check out their website at

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Acu-Gage Systems has announced that Enigma Interconnect has installed an automated 24” x 24” Acu-Gage System at its corporate manufacturing operation in Burnaby, BC. The Acu-Gage is configured with automated edge detection, full 3-Axis motion control, programmable illumination, AutoFocus, programmable zoom, and Windows based programming software. Enigma’s Acu-Gage will provide improved capability and throughput in providing first article inspection and process control data for a variety of industry applications.  Read more from the PCB007 article.




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